Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sorry for the abandonment of this blog, it was only a temporary solution for a few news articles I needed to write up. I am currently looking for an available domain to use, as well as deciding whether to stick with the Blogger platform, or switch to Wordpress. I usually am very busy and don't have much time to do what I love to do; write, discuss and debate topics that interest me.

Now, I am spending less time working on developing and designing Colbert On Demand, and have reduced my workload for the next few months to come I will have more time to dedicate to creating and developing my own (blog) news site. In the time that this blog has been sitting idle, I have worked on writing and editing for The Mu Life, and Inside Social News, as well as contributing to several other prominent blogs like CyberNet News, in any way I can.

Just recently I joined the start-up, Socially Given, a social blog of sorts, dedicated to donating 100% of it's ad revenue from the blog, and affiliated blogs to charity. When I fully establish my blog, I will be dedicating a portion of my ad revenue to Socially Given for charity.

Here's some popular article's I've written or contributed significantly to not long ago:
In the coming month, I should have my blog set up, as well as maybe a new website or two that I'll be working on. I will post any news on work I do for any of the above blogs and websites listed, and keep you up to date on any new website start-ups I may develop. Stay tuned!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Xbox 360 Platinum System On Sale At CompUSA For $350

CompUSA is offering the Xbox 360 Platinum System for $50 off the original price of $399.99! This deal is starts 9/10/06 and ends 9/16/06, and is only available at CompUSA, as they are the ones offering the rebate! Good deal, considering Microsoft said they weren't going to cut the price on the 360.

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XDrive Is Finally Offering 5GB Of Storage For Free

The competition for data storage has now begun because AOL has finally released a free 5GB to their users. Anyone can signup for the service on the Xdrive site but I am sure a lot of people are still going to be skeptical just because the name AOL is attached to it.

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Kevin Rose: More on Digg Friends

"I just wanted to post real quick to clarify a couple of points on my last blog entry on some of the changes we're making in the near future."

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Never before seen 30 minute video of WTC attack

A video blogger has uploaded an unedited 30 minute video of the WTC attacks to Revver. It was filmed from their home 500 yards from the north tower. This is the first time this video has been publicly released.

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The Colbert Report: O'Reilly Vs. Letterman & Colbert Vs. Conan

Colbert knows how O'Reilly feels when Bill gets served by David Letterman.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Daily Show: Bush's Desperate Soundbites

"There comes a points in every president's career when he has to reassure the people that he isn't the thing, everybody thinks that they are..."

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Friday, September 08, 2006

DiggRiver: Official Digg Page For Mobile Devices


Soo, I stumbled upon DiggRiver today, and it seems Digg is planning on starting to support moible devices due to several user made mobile pages for cell phones, PDAs, and other devices that now Digg wants to create its an official Digg mobile page for on the go. After doing a WHOIS, I found that this was an official Digg service, currently in beta.

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