Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sorry for the abandonment of this blog, it was only a temporary solution for a few news articles I needed to write up. I am currently looking for an available domain to use, as well as deciding whether to stick with the Blogger platform, or switch to Wordpress. I usually am very busy and don't have much time to do what I love to do; write, discuss and debate topics that interest me.

Now, I am spending less time working on developing and designing Colbert On Demand, and have reduced my workload for the next few months to come I will have more time to dedicate to creating and developing my own (blog) news site. In the time that this blog has been sitting idle, I have worked on writing and editing for The Mu Life, and Inside Social News, as well as contributing to several other prominent blogs like CyberNet News, in any way I can.

Just recently I joined the start-up, Socially Given, a social blog of sorts, dedicated to donating 100% of it's ad revenue from the blog, and affiliated blogs to charity. When I fully establish my blog, I will be dedicating a portion of my ad revenue to Socially Given for charity.

Here's some popular article's I've written or contributed significantly to not long ago:
In the coming month, I should have my blog set up, as well as maybe a new website or two that I'll be working on. I will post any news on work I do for any of the above blogs and websites listed, and keep you up to date on any new website start-ups I may develop. Stay tuned!